Why pay rent, when you can own for less?
Secure, Gated Luxury at a Sensible Price
Buying vs Renting:
Investment & Savings Projections1
Plan 1490
3 Bdr/ 3 Ba
Plan 1654
4 Bdr / 4 Ba
Purchase Price $153,000 $165,000
Estimated Total Cash to Close3 $6,975 $7,530
Est. Rent per Bedroom $460 $440
Number of Bedrooms x 3 x 4
Total Est. Monthly Income $1,380 $1,760
Principal and Interest4 $911 $981
Hazard Insurance $45 $52
Property Taxes $290 $313
Mortgage Insurance $62 $67
Homeowners Association $120 $120
Total Est. Monthly Expenses $1,428 $1,533
Monthly Gain/Savings Gained by Owning -$48 $227
Est. 4 Year Savings Gained by Owning -$2,304 $10,896
Est. Equity/Value Gain in 4 Years5 $34,158 $36,838
Projected 4 Year Investment Gain6 $31,854 $47,734
  1. Projections based on current rental rates & assume rising real estate values in College Station in the future. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.
  2. Unit purchase prices are subject to change without notice.
  3. Assumes 2.25% Downpayment on FHA loan, along with Buyer's closing costs, prepaids & loan fees.
  4. Principal & Interest payments based on assumed 5.75% interest rate.
  5. Projected value increases are pegged at 5.167%, which is 1/3 of current national avg for condos.
  6. Based on Savings + Value/Equity Gain (not incl depreciation, interest deduction, tax benefits or maintenance costs).
Why It's Better to Buy Instead of Rent

Parents who wisely choose to invest in college housing can do so with the confidence that their decision is well supported by solid investment research and counsel:

A Forbes.com article entitled A+ College Real Estate(22-Aug-2006) put it succinctly: "Rather than shell out a small fortune for a ratty dorm room or an overpriced apartment, parents can build equity, generate cash flow, and eventually benefit from real estate appreciation."

This is especially true regarding College Station. According to a recent article in CNN Money Magazine (3-Jan-2006), while 65 of the nation's 299 biggest real estate margets are severly overpriced and subject to possible downward price corrections, College Station is the most undervalued real estate market in the country, thus offering parents and investors a significant opportunity to realize better than average appreciation gains in the next several years.

Even before the research noted above was published, real estate investment guru, Gary North, was recommending College Station as an excellent real estate buy. In his article entitled, The IQ Factor in Housing Prices (1-Apr-2005) he says: "If you want to make money in real estate, long term, identify medium-size cities where there is at least one major university... I would pick College Station, Texas, as an obvious choice. Texas A&M is there."

In College Station there is no better place to invest than Waterwood Townhomes. In fact, one unit sold for $11,000 more than its original cost after only 14 months, equaling an annual appreciation gain of more than 8%! What's more, current pricing is $30,000 to $50,000 below that of our biggest competitor. And finally, parents and students love Waterwood Townhomes; one parent - who owns 3 Waterwood units - exclaimed, "The project you are developing is second to none in College Station!"